Red Bull Creation Challenge - Hardware is here

Our package for the Red Bull Creation Contest came in this week. On first glance, it appears to be an Arduino Uno compatible board, with the standard Atmega328 (SMT) and Mega 8u2 chip for USB.
We got it hooked up and running:

 As you can see, it's an odd-format PCB with an Arduino footprint on-board. Some of the parts are not Arduino-standard, such as the glass diode D1. They left the ICSP programming pads for both chips, so we pulled out our tools and started working.

First analysis:

1. The packaging is laser-cut from cardboard. There is a message cut into the bottom that reads:



Visiting this URL takes you to a download link to a Windows INF file called "Bullduino.inf"

2. There do not appear to be any hidden messages on the inner cardboard layers or tape.

3. There is nothing in the packaging that shows up under a long-wave UV lamp.

4. There is a program loaded in the Arduino. It is blinking out a message in Morse code on the LED (D7). According to the guys at Harford Hacker Space, the message is:

‘Wouldn’t lou prefer a good game of chess?

We will perform our own analysis and post the results.

4. I dumped the ROM images and eeprom data from both the Atmega 328 and 8u2 chips. Links to each are below:

Atmega 328 Program File
Atmega 328 EEPROM File
Mega8u2 Program File
Mega8u2 EEPROM File

Update: The Morse message has been confirmed to be same as the other Bullduino that Harford Analyzed.  Thanks to Dynotronix from Null Space Labs.

More to follow...


  1. Toss a video up on the 'tube and I can confirm the morse message.


    1. I posted a video. It might be hard to decode long from short because of lens flare but give it a go

  2. Hmm, wouldn't it be more likely to say 'Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess?", a reference to the movie WarGames? The WOPR computer says this over the terminal. (over rad analog coupled handset)

    Kid, typing: How about Global Thermonuclear War?
    WOPR: Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess?

    Look for references to Joshua?

    Good luck! Nice meeting you at NSL btw.

  3. i could see one of these being used in a radio broadcasting setup for the contest.

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