Mobile club graphic tool BMP2HEX

I built an Excel 2010 spreadsheet* that turns pixels into hex code in the right format to feed the Mobile Club its images.  You can use it to make 224x8 frames for the mobile club LED display!

Put a 1 (or any character) in a cell to turn on that pixel. Clear the cell (or put a 0) to turn off that pixel.  It makes a magical hexadecimal string!

Copy the hex string out and send it to us at 23bshop@gmail.com, and we will write it in 400-mile-high letters of flame on the top of Mount Olympus!**

Here's a link to the spreadsheet:

*This is a very primitive tool written with what's at hand. No warranty. Flames will shoot out of your computer and I don't care.

**No we will not.  We might display it on the scrolling message sign on the club though.

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