Our largest Arduino shield evah

So the new boards from 4pcb.com came in, and I got Open Access Control 2.0 completed. It works great, and the PCB actually seems to have no layout mistakes.

After spending about $500 on materials for the prototype and first 5 boards, it's exciting to finally see some results.

With any luck, this will help jump start more hackerspace access projects.
The folks at Pumping Station One have also new
wiki site for this sort of thing at www.hackcess.org.

For those that are not familiar with the project, this is an effort to make an affordable, open source door/building control available to everyone. It's based on the Arduino, and supports 2 door readers, 4 alarm/monitoring zone inputs, and 4 output relays. The main work has been making it robust, protected from surges and accidents, etc.

On another note, I got the urge to build an impulse sealer and pack up a kit to send to Black Lodge in Seattle. This is what $2.00 worth of Nichrome wire and a 6A lab power supply will do to a polyethylene bag. Woot!

More pictures:

The revised Eagle CAD files, plus a full bill of materials and notes are up on the code site, and kits will be offered shortly. W00t!



Open Access Control v2.0

After a lot of delays, we have now sent the PCB for Open Access Control 2.0 out for fab. We have added the following features:

-Reduced component count
-On-board 5V switching power supply
-Improved circuit protection with MOV and TVS diode
-Opto-isolator layout can use NEC PS2501-1,2,or4 parts
-Better mechanical layout
-Full 5A continuous trace rating on all relays, 10A contact rating

See the pic below:

Full source code and drawings:
Open Access - Google Code Site