23b Shop consumes found objects and excretes AWESOME.

Now you can just go ahead and use PayPal to give us operating funds!
Be sure to write a note to tell us if you are donating for something specific.

(If you are a paranoid person, theorist, or mathematical nutbag who refuses to use PayPal, and if cash donations in the cover of darkness aren't convenient, feel free to get in touch with us by the most deniable means available and recommend a kind of thing or currency you feel safe to donate or steer our way.)

We use your old stuff to bring open source education, goal-based learning, and unstructured play time of all kinds for the geeks that use the shop. If we can't use it, it goes in our Purgatory Bin, a free give-and-take box for all our shop visitors.

It's WIN-WIN all the way down!

Here are some of the things we use at the shop. We would be grateful for any help you would care to offer such a cheeky bunch of loveable upstarts in maintaining both the dignity and utility of our good workplace.

  • Paper towels, toilet paper
  • Shop rags (used shirts, etc)
  • Blades for vertical or horizontal bandsaw - 64 1/2"  by 1/2", at least 15TPI for metal, any size for wood
  • Sander belts - 6" x 48", any grit size

  • Wireless keyboard/mouse with 20+ foot range
  • Electronic components of any kind - LEDs, switches, batteries, resistors, SMT components, reels of test parts, obsolete chips and parts of all kinds
  • RGB LED rope lights
  • Infrared receiver for PC
  • KVM switch
  • Universal remote control

  • Wireless game controllers, electronic gadgets and toys (working or not)
  • Computers of any kind (working or not)

  • Air hose reel
  • Metric sockets / wrenches
  • Bicycle tools
  • Spare bikes / parts

  • Bug Zappers
  • Legos, geek toys
  • Doll parts (esp. heads and arms!)
  • Plastic donkeys
  • Giant spiders
  • Signage
  • Tasers
  • Cattle prods
  • really, anything pointy or sharp or shiny 

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