23b Wins the welder!

Okay, it's official. We won the welder in the Redbull challenge. Thank you everyone who voted for us!

Lincoln Electric - 23b Wins "People's Choice" award



Just heard..

everything is built, teams start to show their creations to the judges and crowd at 4pm eastern time (1pm pacific). I just heard that 23b is in showcase number 1 so they're coming up in an hour!!

A couple of pictures after the fact

Arclight sent me two pictures of their completed machine, it's a teeter totter!!

Badger Badger Badger

Some of you may haven't gotten messages on facebook or maybe a text message, maybe three text messages, or maybe you read about it in the defcon forums, or from one of your friends begging you to help with a bunch of people you didn't know. A few lucky folks probably got all of that :)

Well, it paid off. I think. We're not entirely sure when they Likes are tallied but as of right now, AFTER the official close of the contest, 23b has 435 likes, i3detroit has 385. Nobody else is even close. If you still haven't voted, drop in and vote please. It's possible that this isn't quite over and every little bit counts :)

Thanks to the 435 of you that have helped us out. as promised, arclight will be giving free welding lessons to the people who liked us! He's going to find out about this as soon as he get's back from new york, wont that be nice?

Lots of new pictures from kim!

not sure how many of you are going to be able to see these on facebook. Hopefully they'll be directly linked from here soon enough

kim's pictures


Redbull Team 23b Trolls NY

As requested, here are some pictures of the camp:

23b Getting their troll on (thanks, mmca!)

Some our decorations (note the pink flamingos in the pic above):

OMG! Ponies

Team 23b has arrived in New York

So the team is now situated in our RV at Newtown Barge Park. Amazingly, all of our 150+ lbs of stuff made it through a 2-leg Air Tran flight intact. The TSA tossed everything, but apparently didn't find anything worth confiscating.

Here is a pic: