Raspberry Pi event = Wed 10/3 at 7pm

Join the Raspberry Pi Foundation's very own Rob Bishop for an evening of embedded electronics and Raspberry Pi fun here at 23b Shop, starting at 7pm on Wednesday October 3rd.  (If you can't make it to 23b Shop on Wednesday, NSL is having an event in LA Tuesday 10/2.)

We probably won't run out of room because we have a big door that opens to the outside world.

We might (read as "will") run out of chairs and computer support hardware like keyboards, monitors, etc.
We should be good for powering your Pi and related gear, but try to bring a power strip if you want to plug a bunch of stuff in.

The events at each hackspace will consist of an informal talk, Q&A session, demo and hands-on workshop. Rob Bishop from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is also going to run a show-and-tell session to allow you guys to come and share your projects with rest of the community and he’ll award prizes on behalf of the Foundation for the best project at each event; we’re also organizing some small giveaways. And yes, they will be selling Raspberry Pi’s on site!

Details at http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/1792

October 2nd – Nullspace Labs (LA, CA) – starts at 7pm
October 3rd – 23b Shop (Fullerton, CA) – starts at 7pm