Sparklecon - Update and schedule

Here is a quick update on this Saturday's Sparklecon festivities (Saturday, 1/25/2014)

10:00am - 12:00 - General shop cleaning and setup. If you show up before noon, we will hand you a mop or send you to the store or something.
12:00 noon - Things officially get started.

12:00-6:00pm - Open Mic for talks and workshops

I'll be doing a DIY tear-down and repair workshop where we try to fix a 50" flat-panel TV. Feel free to bring other dead electronics if you are so inclined.
We have some malware and defense talks also scheduled to appear, and more hardware stuff as well. If you have a topic, we have a projector and table space to present it.

3:00pm - I will start the BBQ. A limited amount of burgers and veggie options will be provided. Feel free to bring your favorite meat to throw on.

6:00pm - 8:00pm - The "Hacker's Cup" home-brew contest is happening. Bring your favorite home-brew and try to win the cup. Bring enough to share.

8:00pm - LATE - Entertainment featuring special Chip Tunes live performance. Bask in all that 8-bit, square-wave glory

Also, just announced: We'll be having a SOLDERING CONTEST to raise money for Nullspace Labs. In case you haven't been to NSL, they are our sister hacker space in downtown L.A. Their landlord just told everyone in their building they have 30 days to move, so they need to raise some funds. Shit is more difficult and expensive around L.A. than it was 5 years ago, when grimy, run-down buildings in the hacker district were plentiful and inexpensive.
Here is a link to their IndiGoGo campaign:

I'm suggesting a minimum $10 donation to enter the soldering contest. We will provide materials. Bring your favorite iron or solder if you like, but not necessary. You can get in on this any time on Saturday, until midnight. There will be a special prize for the WINNAH.
Finally, I want to emphasize that this is a free event. If you can help out with plastic cups/plates, food, etc that would be lovely but no requirements on y'all.




SAT 1/25/14 
at 23b SHOP




Sparklecon is sparkly! Come enjoy extra sparkles at all times. Saturday 1/25/2014 

Sparkly mini-talks (signups on site), sparkly clown bike rodeo. Sparkly killamajigs. Sparkly flash drive with sparkly rootkit. Sparkly power outlet, sparkly pickle firejets. Sparkly 3D printer, sparkly fistfighting, sparkly hamburger (kawaii!) Sparkly jet engine, sparkly wild animal, sparkly cassette tape. Sparkly too many exclamation marks! Sparkly beer brewing!!!1!!! Sparkly non- orientable surfaces. (For rills.) Sparkly bronies. Sparkly pdf files, with sparkly exploit payloads all in a row! Put sparkles on a hobo, just don't get caught! Shoot glitter in your eyes and ears with an air hose. All at Sparklecon! 

TL;DR: Sparklecon is a one day party at 23bshop in Fullerton, California. Show up after noon, not before, unless you like to scrub and clean and set up. We will have beer (and a brewing contest), a few talks, and whatever funny mischief you bring. It’s free to come listen to talks, and we are asking for donations if you choose to drink. So gird your loins and mark your calendars for Saturday, January 25th, 2014.