Crazy Taiwanese locks

Unlike the U.S.A., with it's lock monoculture of Kwikset, Schlage and Master Lock, Asian people seem to like variety in their security products. In fact, every house we visited in Taiwan seemed to have a stainless steel outer door with big rim cylinder lock, an inner steel door and bars. And the locks don't disappoint, either. Some of the locks had round dimple keys, others were triangular, star-shaped or side-dimpled. The exterior deadbolts had combo latch and bolt hardware with 12mm or larger bolts.

And then there were the padlocks, with some of the same features, and $10 knock-offs of the Abloy-style Disc lock.

Check out these locks I bought in Kaohsiung:

The guy at the small shop I purchased these at said that lock picking is a common activity, and I could have ordered manipulation tools for most of the popular locks had I given him some more notice. Something for next time!



  1. Asian locks are cute and so stylish. Thieves would find it difficult to unlock such locks. I think only the a1 locksmiths in Perth would be able to figure out how to open these locks.

  2. These look are small and can easily be breakable by any hard material. So i don't think they can give good safety. automotive locksmith services pensacola