Building the LED Pixel Box Part 1: Inspiration

Recently, tested.com posted a video of a LED Pixel box to their web page

This seemed pretty neat and up my alley in terms of skills. It uses RGB LED strips diffused trough a translucent layer of film much like we did for the glowing LED tabletop of the Mobile Club.

It also is similar to a project that uses of RGB LEDs as individual pixels - the Rave Rover:

I know there have been many different projects like this, but I think the time has come to make our own, and seeing the Tested video was the inspiration to start to build.

So, my goal over the next couple weeks is to build a Pixel Box like the one seen in the tested video.

Stay tuned for more posts as I document the build process!

First step.. I'm not sure if I like the name "Pixel Box" for this.... Does anyone have a suggestion for a better name?


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