Boo-boo in the machine shop

Finding these surprises around the shop makes me sad.  This was one of my most useful tools.

If you EVER need help with the machine shop, please don't hesitate to ask me.  I am more than happy to help.  It's easier for me to go out of my way and show you proper technique than to replace broken tools like this. 

That's also why I keep the nice insert tooling in a special place. 

In fact, I'll make you guys a deal.  If you ever want to know anything about machine shop, I will be happy to teach you, personally, one on one, if you're willing to make a deal with me: teach me something in return. 

I don't care if you only have underwater basket weaving to show me, i'd be happy to learn new things if I can teach you new things in exchange. 

Here's an example of stellar worksmanship.  Grace is cranking handles like a pro on our new Tree Mill.  

1 comment:

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