STARE NOT INTO THE BARBECUE lest it stare back into you

Thanks Chosen1 for the excellent and very shiny 
new propane grill you have given to 23b Shop.

The shop is well pleased with it, for behold! 
it shines like a mighty obsidian wonder of grilling majesty.

Plus, it has a burner on the side for pan-like objects!

So, everyone please feel free to bring grillables to the potluck,
to welcome the barbecue grill to its new place at the shop.
 (Update: Grilled items succeeded well at feeding potluck visitors!)

Comments from shop list members follow:


Does it need souls to feed its searing obsidian stare?

(Yes, occasional offerings of propane are welcome. 
We are using a big 5 gallon tank; it costs about $20 to fill it up. 
I think it can use little cans with an adapter as well, which we do not have.)


Oooo... Nice.  Consider SYN Shop jealous of the grilling awesomeness.  We may
have to do something about that....like get our own grill.

(Highly recommended. This will obviously increase the goodness of all foodish events, 
and will even create events where there were none before!)

I wept because you saw no BBQ message,
until I met a man who had not yet subscribed
to our 23b Shop mailing list.
http://tinyurl.com/23bmail/ shall set you free! 

All you other people who also aren't on the mailing list, 
and are reading this on the web, what are you waiting for? 
Unsubscribe from a spam email or two, and get on our list. 
You'll be glad you did it back in August, when the BBQ was the new hot thing.

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