Custom burger tools and putting the pieces together

Here's another interesting project from this week.  We had a small business owner approach us for help building a custom burger tool for his gourmet food truck, Burger Monster.

He drew the design up in Google Sketchup, had the main piece 3D printed, and then needed to make the stainless steel parts.

We sent him over to Schorr Metals for the some scrap, food-grade stainless steel, and McFadden-Dale Industrial Hardware for the rest. After cutting out the 6" diameter burger press, TIG welding a stainless, 3/8" bolt to it, and lathe turning a 12mm-to-3/8" nylon bushing, we have this:

The Burger Monster Press, version 1.0

For reference, 1/8" stainless is easy to cut out on a horizontal band saw, then smooth out with files and grinder. This is also easy to TIG weld.

The 3D print you see here is easily within our capability range at the shop. A better model would have had less polygon artifacts, but this one works fine.


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