23b is getting it on.. with red bull.. bow chicka bow wow..

FRIENDS (and even people who don't like us very much), the time is here!

The Red Bull Creation contest starts tomorrow, July 18th at 5pm and ends on Sunday, July 22nd

In case you haven't been paying attention, the story is that 23b is competing against 11 other teams from all over the country including teams from Instructables, Hackaday, i3 Detroit and Techshop SF!  The theme is, WHO KNOWS?  Red Bull won't tell us until the start of the competition what our creation should look like.  After that we can build ANYTHING.

We're going to be at our shop in Fullerton the entire time building our little hearts out.  PLEASE, come by!  Come cheer us on, bring us food and drinks, if you're a groupie, for the love of god, come by, we could really use the cheap attention!

We need two things from you guys…

First, resources. If you have access to a laser cutter, a maker bot, a CNC mill or any equipment of that sort, we REALLY want to know.  If you can bring it to our shop, WIN.  If not, we can work something out.  If you have access to solenoids, pneumatics, servos (the bigger the better) and that kind of equipment, you're our new best friend!  In all cases we'll do our damnedest to get everything back to you at the end or cover the cost of it.  Lastly, we may need things like lumber and carpet, paint etc, the kind of everyday stuff that DIY's use.  We have lots of this stuff but in some cases, we may need more and we're not sure what our expenses are going to run.  So, we'll also take donations of cash.  :)  Also, we're allowed sponsorships so we'll be happy to put your name or company name on the camera.

Next, we need a social media campaign.  Last year we won the people's choice award, it got us a VERY nice welder that we use the HELL out of and will certainly be of great value to us this weekend.  We won that because YOU GUYS liked us on Facebook, again and again and again.  We need you guys to help once more and this time we're going up against a couple of teams that run websites with millions of views, they have a clear advantage, we're the underdogs and we intend to FIGHT.  We need you to spread the word, like everything on Facebook, get your friends to talk about us, upload things to reddit, tweet and retweet!

We're the only southern california hackerspace, we're the only hackerspace that's almost entirely made of Defcon goons and we're the only hackerspace that too sexy for our shirts. 

So get ready, you're our army, we're going to depend on you as if you were part of the team in the shop.

"Here we go!"  -- Mario

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