Foundry session 5/8/2011

Everyone likes fire. What then, could be better than a machine that runs on fire and converts scrap metal to brand new parts? No, we can't run our foundry indoors at the shop, so it's located at Arclight's house.

Today, Adam and I decided to do a last-minute foundry run. After last week's session (where we got one usable casting and about 10 pounds of fail) we got some new Olivine green sand from IFSCO in Commerce, CA.

This went much better. It took a while to get the sand dialed in, but we got several good castings.

The things we changed were:
-Purchased some Sodium Silicate and tried making professional cores
-Changed out the parting dust from flour to baby powder.
-Made new flasks

Adam is working on a Gingery lathe. The pics below are of making one of the cast Aluminum feet.

Filled molds ready to be shaken out:

Adam K. readying the sand molds

Arclight pouring hot Aluminum

And the finished product:

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