Another Hacker Pot Luck on Saturday 3/17

After the overwhelming success of last month's Hacker Potluck, we invite you
to join us at 23b Shop's next SoCal Hacker Potluck on March 19th.

POTLUCK: Bring something to eat, or whatever you want. Do think about it. We do get down with some good food and encourage you to do so as well -- for instance, delightful crepes were made on the spot last month at an Extemporaneous Crepe Workstation set up by one of our industrious attendees. We challenge you to be as amazing as this.

WHO!? read http://shop.23b.org, http://www.facebook.com/23bOrg

DO WHAT?: You are welcome to come have or make dinner, present a presentation, hang out and listen, gawk, do whatever it is you do, find and talk with someone doing way cooler stuff than you are doing, mingle, snipe bids, rant and rave, leaflet, throw business cards, bring minions, dance and sing, etc. Present a recent project to the group using multimedia resources. Bring video of your latest project, or the project itself. Network with some of the finest people in your area.

DON'T WHAT?: This isn't a work night for noisy machine tools, but we are a workshop so if you find the need to work on something for great win, we may accommodate you. If you know someone who is doing outlandish or amazing things and hasn't come here, we encourage you to kidnap them and make them entertain you here. Definitely make sure you don't default to being a merdone.
TOOLS:We have a microwave, an amazing Signor Cappuccino coffee machine (*NEW * retro find, just brought in this month), a wicked old angry hot plate, an oxygen-acetylene torch or propane torch (...think of the Creme Brulee you could make!), a laptop, Mobile Club sound system with flashy lights, and projector, and whatever other items or tools you bring. Ask someone in charge if you have something in mind, and we may help to support your
arbitrary and capricious requests.

Tiny bicycles are always available; ask someone who knows!

spectator -- this is the one place where people want to see your work and hear about your wild-eyed theory, no matter how kooky or mis-concocted.

WHERE and WHEN?: 418 E Commonwealth #1, Fullerton, CA (behind Stages Theatre and Pizza Hut. 1 block E of Lemon) Saturday, March 19th. 6pm until we are done.

See y'all there!


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