SoCal Hacker Potluck!

SoCal Hacker Potluck!

Please join us at the 23b Shop for big fun at our new SoCal Hacker Potluck and discussion.
Bring a friend, or more, and try to let us know if you plan to show up.

TLDR: Potluck, Thurs, Feb 10th, 2011, 6pm or so.
WHERE: 23b Shop, 418 E Commonwealth #1, Fullerton, CA 92832
WHERE!? (East of Lemon ~1 block, behind Pizza Hut)


- Bring something to eat and share. Plan on bringing enough food to feed several people and you can't go wrong.
- Of course, making something to bring is best, but if you don't make food it's fine to pick it up.
- Try to avoid the inelegant 'bag of chips' solution, unless you made bomb-ass salsa and need something to pick it up on.
- If you're stuck on what to bring, use this E-Z cheat sheet (or bring whatever you like)
Last name starts with A-M = entree, last name starts with N-Z = side dish or dessert or drinks
- Gourmet food trucks meet right down the street, 1501 S. Lemon St. Fullerton, CA 92832. About 8 trucks are usually there Thursdays from 5-9.


- There will certainly be a heated discussion, tech demonstration, presentation, or something. Let us know if you have something you'd like to formally do for or to the group, or just show up with stuff.
- There may be clown bike jousting, sharkfighting, or a steel cage machete battle after dinner.
- Feel free to bring a project or something you did (or want to do) for show 'n' tell.
- We have internets. We can also host slideshows and video and loud noises if you want.
- What else would you like to see at a hackerspace pot luck? Bring it, and there it'll be!

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